Blue Safari Submarine is the unique operator of leisure submarine, not only in Mauritius, but for all Indian Ocean since 1998. Among the only 12 leisure submarine operations which exist in the world, Blue Safari Submarine is the only one which proposes a dive in a 10 seaters Submarine, thereby offering a distinctively unique level of experience and a better personalized service.

During the 40 minutes dive, by 35 meters depth, in the north of Mauritius at Trou-aux-Biches, you will observe natural corals surrounded by various types of fishes, from small to average size; you will discover the magic of the shipwreck called “Star Hope’, as well as a huge anchor dating from the 17th century. An amazing family experience not to be missed while staying in Mauritius, open to everyone from 9 months to 80 years old.

Blue Safari Submarine is one of the most popular attractions in Mauritius. Our activities are open 7 days a week. We advise you to make your booking in advance or during the first day of your stay in Mauritius for the availability of seats as well as to select the best day for weather forecast reasons.

Our crew is working every day to make your adventure, a most memorable one, your satisfaction being our first priority after your own safety.

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The Crew


The Submarine (BS 1100) is framed and equipped like the archetype legendary submarine, with individual windows viewing out on the underwater world. Inside the cabin, you can watch, live, on a television screen, the impressive immersion of the submarine filmed by a camera from the deck. You will enjoy the fascinating movement of the pneumatic valves activating the ballasts.


The subscooter is easy to pilot, with a steering wheel and two accelerator pedals.
It has a maximum speed of 4km/hr. Moreover, you only have to press a button to dive or to surface.
The air inside the cabin is permanently regenerated due to an air cylinder with an autonomy of 50 minutes for two people. In case of emergency, a backup system can take over. The cabin is also equipped with an alarm button which can be activated anytime to draw the attention of the accompanying diving guides. The building plans and the modus operandi of the subscooter have been approved by a renowned International Classification Society (IRS).